renewal and moreEdit

greg season 3 willl be the last season.


Season 1:7 episodes

Season 2:22 episodes

season 3:2 for now

season 1Edit

Mj Ellington productions ordered Greg season 1 of seven episodes in case the series does not work out.if the series did fail the cast members would done different things.when snoopy was cast as shon he would stay until the middle of season 2 but the season 1 cliffhanger got a season 2 order.

season 2Edit

Hippoworks studios bought the rights and making episodes of Greg series.the season 1 cliffhanger made to have a scene in the season 2 premiere as a crossover with Doctor who action figures and Greg had a crossover with the chronicles.

Greg d.w.a.f. Crossover (part 1) (the season 2 premiere,aired)

Greg d.w.a.f. Crossover (part 2) (the season 2 premiere,aired)

the chronicles of Greg (part 1-2) (the chronicles Greg crossover,aired)

The deathman vs.greg (part 1-3) (aired,last episode to be set in 2016)

Arfey!(part 1) (first appearance of arfey,aired)

Arfey! (Part 2) (aired)

Mr.arfey (part 1) (aired)

Mr.arfey (part 2) (aired)

Mr.arfey (part 3) (aired)

Timmy meets team Greg (part 1-2) (first appearance of Timmy)

The globes Greg (part 1-2) (the return of the globes)

Greg scary tenth (part 1-2) (crossover with scary Mary and tenth pen)

Mr.arfey revenge (mr.arfeys final episode to appear in Greg season 2,aired)

Ms.dirshleysons rises (the first episode to feature regeneration,aired)

Hope (last appearance of ms.dirshleyson,season 2 finale,aired)

season 3Edit

Season 3 will start late August 2017 alongside memorial hippo season 6,the chronicles season 3 and scary Mary season 2 and will have a new day to have new episodes and might have a timeslot.


Buddy boy - Greg

Snoopy - shon

Little marge - Timmy/rohan

Stuff hippo - deathman (season 2)Alex (season 1-2)


Creators/exclusive producer:mj Ellington,buddy boy


Number of episodes:28

Number of seasons:2

YouTube channels:mj Ellington productions (season 1),hippoworks studios

other penverse showsEdit

Memorial hippo

The cronicles

Scary Mary

Tenth pen

Renwewed through season 4-Edit

it was announced by hippoworks studios that it will be renewed through season 4!

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